Resetter Epson LQ 2180 Error

Resetter Epson LQ 2180 Error

Already often this printer Epson LQ Printer - 2180 failed print or error. For use this printer almost every day in use but still error and sometimes can not print or Hang. Dot matrix printers are still used in many companies because in addition to well-known durable and easy maintenance, another advantage is because ribbon dot matrix printer is much cheaper than the toner or ink.

Resetter Epson LQ Printer 2180 Error
For this LQ - 2180 printer condition it is using a USB connection on the computer and LPT on the printer, the knob for the printer cover is also still present and the sensor also works well. For a while I only do Remove Icon Printer but it can only be used once, the result is still the same.

The next step I take for a printer with a sudden problem can not print is:
The way it directly wrote yes:

1. - Printer is in the die state power button (The button is on hold alias in long press)
    - Then still in a state of resistance, press the Reset button 2 x
    - Press the power button 1 x
    - Press the Reset Button lg 1 x
    - Then Release Simultaneously (Then the display screen on the printer will show the number 0)
    - Restart printer (Printer ready for use)

If the above is not working and the printer still can not be used or still error, use the following ways:
  1. Uninstall the LQ-2180 printer driver.
  2. Delete LQ-2180 printer icon in Device and Printer for windows 7, wait some time until the icon completely disappears, turn the printer off and on again do not forget to resfresh. (LQ 2180 Driver Free Download)
  3. Then Restat the computer.
  4. After that Reinstall LQ-2180 printer software, for driver please to my post about LQ-2180 printer driver.

The point is to clear the error printer cache by cleaning in the Registry section with CC Cleaner or other applications and do not forget to do routine maintenance by cleaning the parts of the LQ-2180 dotmetrix printer.

If you want to know if the printer can be used then do Self Print without a computer or PC by:
  1. Install 1 sheet of paper in the printer.
  2.  Turn off the dot matrix printer.
  3.  In the off position press and hold the LF / FF key.
  4. Then turn on the printer by pressing the power button with the condition still holding the LF / FF key.
  5. When it is on, release the LF / FF button.
  6. Usually the printer will print the type of Font in use and other information.
  7. To stop can by turning the printer off and on again.

Thanks for reading.